Delivery Methods: What is the difference?

Drones are seemingly everywhere and they are being used for new and different tasks every day. The consumer oriented drones that have become so popular are only a small segment of the market and offer only some of the controls and functions available by their commercial counterparts. Enhanced functions that include precise controls, GPS mapping and flight planning, geofencing, and larger carrying capacities make industrialized drones suitable for many commercial purposes.

Initially drones were associated with the military and aviation sectors, however, they are now being increasingly used for various activities within the leisure, non-profit and commercial spheres. Various companies are deploying drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to serve in a wide variety of events. The application is with tasks that are either very time-consuming and labour intensive, highly efficient, less expensive.

The interest in the use of drones for logistics has increased in the recent years. There are a variety of methods of this technology has been put to use. The most common use has been the delivery of e-commerce purchases. The most common technique is the drop-delivery. Also known as last-mile delivery. The drone operates autonomously using GPS and many sensors like visual, thermal, etc.

The package is loaded and locked on the drone. The drone is then sent out for delivery. Once the drone reaches the destination of delivery, the package is unloaded downwards with aweight-bearing rope. The drone then using its sensors finds the safest spot for drop. After evaluating the landing spot the package is dropped.

As we all are aware, every technology comes with its own set of pros and cons. With this drop-deliverymethod, there is a risk of the sensors not evaluating the real condition of the drop spot. Additionally, with the dropped rope the contents of the package are also unstable.

The launch of the Matrice 300 RTK by DJI has paved the way for a technologically safer method of drone transport. The M300presents the option to be operated by two controllers in different locations within range. We, Loricatus Ltd. are a specialist company operating with drones. The flexibility of two controller operation presented by the M300 RTK, got the wheels turning to realise our dream of secure closed system transport.

We developed a delivery box that works best in emergency situations, organ transport between hospitals, transport of confidential documents / material, etc. The M300RTK allows for the flight control to be given or taken by the receiving or sending parties.

The Loricatus delivery box is to be loaded on the M300 drone. The sender and the receiver both are able to view the progress of the flight with their individual controllers. The landing of the drone along with the box is done by the receiver itself, which makes the transport and the contents of the box safe while landing. The box can then be unloaded and package retrieved.

The ability of the monitored transport between two parties keeps the delivery in the closed loop making it secure.

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