Technology: Hovering above our Heads

Regardless of whether you call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft or Flying Mini Robots, drones are quickly filling in prominence. They are yet in the outset stage as far as mass reception and use.

Over recent years, drones have become integral to the functioning of different industries and governmental organizations. They have figured out how to pierce through territories where certain ventures were either stale or lingering behind. From quick deliveries at busy times to infiltering an inaccessible army setup, drone highlights are ending up being amazingly valuable in places where man cannot reach or cannot act in an ideal and productive way.

Expanding work effectiveness and profitability, diminishing responsibility and creation costs, improving accuracy, refining service and client relations, and settling security issues for an immense scope are a couple of the top uses drones offer industries all around the world. Utilization of technological innovation across ventures jumped from the prevailing fashion stage to the super pattern stage decently fast as an ever-increasing number of organizations began to understand its latent capacity, degree, and size of worldwide reach.

Regardless of whether these automated airplanes are operated by a remote or via a smartphone application: 

Drones have the capacity of arriving at the most far off regions with next to zero labour required and require minimal measure of exertion, time, and energy.

This is probably the main motivation why they are being embraced around the world.

Individuals have effectively gone to drones as trades for soldiers, pilots, and lifeguards. Indeed, any work that depends on human vision and judgment, explicitly from difficult to-arrive at vantage focuses, will probably need to go up against the chance of robots later. However, what we should comprehend is that one of the basic roles of computerization is to mechanize a labour force's dreary and everyday assignments. One of its fundamental advantages is not to supplant occupations yet really make them.

Considering commercial drone delivery or last mile delivery for discussion.

The delivery via means of a drone shall save the human efforts of human driving via traffic laden routes. This will also reduce the time taken for the delivery to reach the consumer. Even though this will reduce the manpower of the driver, it will in-turn create the requirement of manpower to fly to drone for the delivery.

Taking further the discussion of delivery drones, they too have their own set of pros and cons, despite the benefits being apparent. The commercial drone delivery methods that are being applied with many in the trial phases, have adopted the method of drop delivery. In this method the parcel is dropped at the destination with a drop-down rope attached to the drone. The rope is then reeled back to the drone after the parcel is drop delivered. Many safety concerns arise in such a situation that we have spoken about in our previous blogs.

However, with the Loricatus Drone Delivery box we have addressed the safety concerns of an automated blind delivery.

The delivery box is mountable to the DJI M300 RTK. The most unique and superlative feature of this drone is the dual operator mode. This allows to fly the drone securely between two known points with drone pilots on both ends to ensure the safety of the drone and the package. The delivery in this case is sent out in a closed loop and the receiving end is aware and prepared for the incoming package. The availability of two controllers increases the signal range of the drone allowing it to cover a larger distance and area.

We understand the concern that many face in the recent years, that technology will diminish the need of human labour.

But we all need to realise that these technological advancements are a work of the humans and the machines are as intelligent as we make them.

The delivery box that we have developed, our primary aim was to fully utilize the amazing feature of the M300 RTK of dual operator mode to ensure secure delivery without the threat of theft of damages to the package. This feature creates a closed loop delivery system that maintains utmost security of the delivery package. The protected delivery method makes the box a viable option for high security package delivery. The feasibility and ease of this delivery method is an excellent option for time sensitive situations too.

Loricatus will be delighted to speak to you in depth in regarding our product and its benefits. Contact us for more information.

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Technology: Hovering above our Heads


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