Loricatus Delivery Box is on a mission

The Hungarian NIMRÓD Special Rescue organization already owns a Matrice 300 drone and a compatible Loricatus Delivery Box. The drone has been tested several times in flight in the recent weeks, with the transport box on it.

During their testing, they formulated three cases in which the combination of the M300 drone and the Loricatus Delivery Box provides effective help. According to experts, the solution of Loricatus Delivery Box will provide life-saving help in the following cases:

1. Providing care tohard-to-reach rescue sites

Take the location of a suspected accident that is reported to rescuers and firefighters from a hard-to-reach terrain section. The ambulance rushes to the reported place, but the scene is inaccessible by car, so they set off on foot to help those in need. Rescue activities naturally bring paramedics with them, but it is a great help to deliver any missing equipment and medication to the scene in a second with a drone, instead of waiting for an extra person to arrive. After examining those involved in the accident, they tell ambulance crew what they would need. The ambulance crew, in addition to being trained healers, also have drone pilot qualification. The pilot places the necessary equipment and medicines in the transport box, secures the box to the drone in one fluid movement, and then flies the drone with the shipment to the scene.

In the case of a hypothetical fire in a multi-storey house, the principle is similar to that of the previous example. If firefighters have to get to the roof - which is hampered by flame and smoke - the system can save time and energy. If anything needs to be sent after the firefighters, the easiest way is to fly a drone, not send in another colleague and endanger another human life.

2. Emergency medication delivery

In the event of a stroke, treatment with the patient within 3 hours of trauma may be life-saving. The medicine called Lysis must be stored in special conditions that an ambulance car is not equipped to. The medicine is stored at the ambulance center. When deployment of the Lysis kit is warranted, someone from the ambulance center will place the kit in the Loricatus Delivery Box, secure the transport unit to the drone, and then send the drone with controller "A” to controller “B”, which will be located on the ambulance car. Ambulance personnel with drone pilot qualifications take control of the drone, land with the drone, take out the medication, and begin treatment.

3. Helping lost, tired people

During searches, the rescue team looks for signs of alive persons needing help, with a thermal camera drone. When they find the people they are looking for, they can be supplied with an anti-cold film, drinking water or insulin using the Loricatus Delivery Box mounted on the M300 drone. With the thermal camera drone the staff assists the safe landing of the M300 and the use of the equipment sent in the Box.

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