The importance of safety bag

It is sad that a tragic accident had to happen to teach everybody a lesson again about the importance of safety.

Besides, it is extremely wrong to consider the aspects of safety only when some accident occurs.

A horrible catastrophe occurred on April 29, 2013 when a Boeing 747-400 BCF (N949CA) being operated by National Airlines as NCR102 under callsign ISAF 95NQ on a cargo flight from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan to Dubai World Central was observed to suddenly pitch up to an abnormal attitude almost immediately after a daylight take off from Bagram in VMC, in a reason of a sudden shift in heavy cargo. This deadly crash of 747 caused of an improperly secured mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle, known as an MRAP, went through the bulkhead and disabled two hydraulic systems, making the aircraft uncontrollable.

Sudden shift in heavy cargo apparent cause of deadly 747 crash

Loricatus Ltd. designed a special security bag to ensure the stability of the contents of the package in transport. Sending items must be mount and fixed secure inside the Delivery Box to avoid the damage and splash of fragile objects.

The reasons to use a stabilizing bag are obvious for drone pilots but continue to be crucial during the operation. Unstable and unfixed items can cause the drone to shake and lose stability which can harmfully affect its flight. As during the mission, the weather conditions could be unpredictable, for example, crosswind and rain, also behaviour of the drone in various situations such as braking, cornering, ascent, or descent, an unstable object would influence the flight in a negative way. For those reasons, Loricatus Ltd. highly recommends use of the safety bag every time before transport. The bag can be secured with the velcro in the Loricatus Delivery Box.

The following video will show you how it really works:

Loricatus trial flight to test the importance of the safety bag.

Please be safe, respect the safety rules and make drone piloting safe and enjoyable!


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