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He started with drones as a hobby photographer and become the first Hungarian to fly DJI’s brand new Matrice 300 RTK drone. Andor Süli, enterprise solution specialist of Duplitec Ltd. (authorised by DJI) answered our questions. In our article we focus on industrial droning and drone transport, and looking for to the possibilities of our product, the Loricatus Delivery Box.

Nice to have you here, Andor. Tell me a little bit about yourself. How long have you been interested in the world of aviation and drones?

My work with drones started as a hobby 8 years ago. Photography and videography caught me from seeing the world from a different perspective. I joined Hungary’s leading DJI distributor 4 years ago, to be responsible for the consumer sale. After a year I became the manager of DJI ARS Budapest, and for the last 1,5 year I deal with industrial drones and industrial solutions at my company, I perform special drone tasks, but I also hold trainings and demonstrations.

What do you think about drone delivery? Is drone delivery going to be a game changer in the coming times?

Industrial drone solutions are evolving very rapidly, including drone delivery. It will greatly facilitate our everyday processes. We will be able to deliver the desired shipment much faster and more securely. So far, there have been plans and attempts at such solutions, but in many cases it has not been put into practice from the desk. In contrast, the Loricatus solution has already become a working product!

Could you please tell us about the kind of delivery systems are available in the market?

To the best of my knowledge, drones have only been used experimentally for parcel delivery so far, of course I've heard of pizza delivery and cocktail delivery on the beach and even cartons of beer have been drone, but how well they work now, or just a media hack, is a good question. The point-to-point transport of Loricatus is a little different. This must be imagined in an industrial environment, according to strict rules, striving for maximum safety. This kind of solution is pioneering worldwide!

What was your first thought when flying the Loricatus Delivery Box? How complicated was it to set up the system?

I admit, when I first saw the size of the box and its location on the drone, I was a little sceptical. After trying it, I was very positively disappointed. I didn’t feel any difference because there was a box on it. One of my main questions was about the downward sensors, but Loricatus took care of that too and the box doesn’t affect the sensors’ operation. I really liked the installation of the box being so easy and fast!

Is it a stable and sturdy solution? do you consider the stability of the aircraft in flight to be adequate?

Absolutely! It seems it wasn’t planned in a few hours. The hours of planning and developing can be seen in the outlook as well in the flight, as it isn’t affected by the box! Especially with the two remote control solutions we can achieve even greater distance and safety!

Is this type of delivery solution secure enough? How effective do you see the way packages are secured inside the box?

It was very well invented to fix the object inside the box. With the industrial Velcro and the stabilization bag, the object is completely safe, it does not hit anything during transport.

As an enterprise solutions specialist, in your opinion which industries can reap the maximum benefit from this delivery system?

Distant points of large industrial areas. Hard to reach places in the mountains, between small islands. Between two banks of a river where there is no bridge. I would find it very useful, for example, to transport between the north and south shore of Lake Balaton! Hopefully it won’t be needed, but even in a disaster-stricken area (avalanche, earthquake, forest fire), which is cut off from the outside world, it would be great to apply, as the help could be sent quickly with the drone.

How is this system different from the already present systems in the market?

There aren’t very many examples of drone shipping on the market, but maybe the fastening inside the box and the quick box replacement, which provides is something else.

Any advice for the users of the system?

It is important that you follow the instructions in the user manual and do not deviate from it.

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