The importance of Dual Operator Mode

In the recent years, number of small, commercially available remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) has increased. The introduction of these aerial vehicles, which are commonly known as drones, as a result of technical and technological advancements would become much more operable worldwide.

Previously, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were mainly used by the military; however, the utilization in public and private sectors, agriculture, and light industry segments, the commercial use of UAVs is becoming a priority. The fulfilment of such applications requires different implementation approaches in terms of aircraft configuration, parameters, and control mode.

DJI's newest feature: Dual Operation Mode

The most critical aspect ofaviation protection is the prevention of potential disputes and accidents with other airspace users. Implementation of safety regulations in aviation industry is primarily to protect passengers' lives. Other than that, current implicationis not only about protecting lives while traveling by air, but also to ensure the safety of everyone when they conduct business on the ground.

The same matter is important while performing an aerial delivery via drones. One of the priorities of the mission is to assure the safeness both in the air and on the ground. Minding that, the DJI solution of Matrice 300 RTK with dual operation mode is the most beneficial tool to provide the security of the sending item and receiver as well

The aerial delivery services have got a lot in application of everyday life. However, the important regulations of safety and security should be always applied. In this sorrowful experience we can observe the violation of basic safety rules.

A drone delivery goes bad.

Loricatus Ltd. created a safe payload for delivery purposes, mounted on the drone DJI Matrice 300 RTK. The dual operation mode provides the highest level of security where both sender and receiver can control the flight and make sure, that the delivering item safely and successfully reaches the final receiver.

The main issues of remote delivery if the receiving party does not take over the control:

·       How is the sender's communication with the receiving party solved?

·       When can the host go close to the drone if the host has no control over the machine?

·       Which part of the drone can the receiving party touch?

·       When can we say, the delivery is done?

·       When can the host move to a safe distance?

·       Without the involvement of the receivingparty, how do we know, where the artificial intelligence can land? (The postman also drops the letter in the mailbox indicated by the recipient).

·       Is the landing place private or public?

·       If the AI ​​does not find a landing area,how long can it wait in the air for the battery to dive?

·       When can the drone take off again after the successful delivery?

·       If the drone still runs out of batteries at the end of delivery, who will go for it or who will recharge it?

Also, such a life occasion can show the importanceof the second party to control the landing of the drone:

Drone vs. dog. The importance of controlling the landing.

Just as a crew is waiting in an airplane at an airport, there is an expected receiving party for the transport of the drone.

Dual operator mode, the possibility of transfer of the responsibilty, provides a conceptual solution of these important questions.

If the receiving party can control the drone, he/she can judge any variables that arise and also handle receiving the package. The dual operation mode can provide a wider signal range thus increasing the flyingrange of the drone. Thereby, the drone can cover longer distance, which makes the riskiest missions possible. It is also quite secure, as was mentioned above, both sender and receiver continuously monitor the flight through the FPV camera.


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