To Drop or Not To Drop?

A recent and progressing development of aerial delivery delights and inspires to innovate the world and introduce new inventions. A yesterday dream becomes a today reality with a help of realization a breath-taking ideas. Almost every day we can see different news about utilization various of drones for delivery by air. Ropes, dropping, manual installation of box are all created to simplify the daily life, innovate our future and say good bye to an old habits.

But all of them are really working?  

Loricatus Ltd. created a Delivery Box for manual implementation into Matrice 300 RTK.

We believe that the future of delivery should be safe, secure, and more importantly, simple.

Manual mounting of the box has proven its advantages and can be utilize by both professional and amateur users. The biggest benefit to have a Delivery Box attached to the drone is the security of receiving a right package into right hands. It is possible thanks to the feature of DJI Matrice 300 – dual drone operation.

Secondly, Loricatus Delivery Box assists the missions of medical delivery by air. In such circumstances the release mechanism should be avoided in order to provide intact medicine supplies in various form and containers. On the other hand, the drop of fragile or liquid medicine will crash the items and fail the delivery, which could be a matter of saving life.

However, not only the government and medical sectors implant aerial delivery into their every-day life, but the food industry as well. Nevertheless, not all the customers are benefiting and satisfied by dropping their order from above. In this example we see the respect of safety rules and ensure that drone does not make any harm to people or environment, but the most prioritize audience – customer, does not receive the desired product.

Ordering food through a drone delivery service.

Also, it is important to consider the value of sending documents via air delivery. Most of them contain confidential, proprietary, or sensitive information related to clients, customers, or business. If there is any doubt as to whether the information you are sharing contains some kind of private or sensitive information, it is best to not send a file via drop box. Even if a professional pilot is monitoring the flight through FPV-camera and is able to stop the vehicle over a right place, it is a big possibility that on the ground a wrong person can pick up a sensitive document and commit a stealing.

Such unpleasant situation can create disaster of disclosure the information or even ruin a company.

A parcel on a rope can negatively affect the flight of the drone, impacting its stability on the air. Only professionals should operate drones, knowing and being able to adapt fast to flying environment, obstacles, and weather. However, an extra weight below the UAV which creates additional oscillation amplitude, might fail the delivery mission where crosswind or late reaction for obstacle can be fatal.

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