Our Services are Built on BIM, Drone, Scanner, AI, and GIS Methods

BIM and Surveying Services

Remote sensing and data visualization tools: Drone, Laser Scanner, and survey plans

BIM model

"If it is mandatory, it might as well be useful"

We create BIM models on behalf of our clients and teach them how to manage them.


Aerial Photography

"I wouldn't have noticed this!"

Using drones, we take aerial photos for modeling areas and buildings.


Report of deviations from plans

"This isn't the future, it's the present!"

Using GIS instruments and regular on-site presence, we show deviations from the plans.

Orthophoto creation

"Ki gépen száll fölébe, annak térkép e táj"

We take accurate, overhead photos of the area to be seen as a map, supplemented with geodetic data.

AI-based data processing

"Don't be dominated by AI, use it to your advantage!"

Using AI-based data processing, we show our clients the relevant information.

Megvalósulási terv készítés

"A beautiful building deserves organized documentation"

During the handover process, we prepare the final documentation, plans, and model, with content information to ensure satisfaction for the building's operator and maintenance personnel.

Geoinformatics in Construction

What Market Advantages Does 3D Surveying Provide?

Competition in the construction industry is becoming increasingly intense, and innovation is a critical factor in gaining market advantage. Geoinformatics, particularly the application of 3D surveys, offers opportunities that can help businesses advance in the competition.

Drones and specialized scanning technologies, such as Scan, allow for rapid and accurate mapping of construction sites and facilities. With AI (artificial intelligence)-based analytics, valuable information can be extracted from this data, enabling more precise planning and more efficient workflows. Loricatus Ltd. makes this not just a dream of the future but a reality of today.

In the construction industry, the application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) further enhances efficiency and accuracy. 3D surveys allow for detailed digital modeling of buildings and facilities, resulting in precise planning and execution.

3D surveys and geoinformatics offer numerous market advantages for construction industry players. The primary benefit is accuracy, allowing designers and contractors to create more precise and predictable projects. This reduces costs and increases profit.

Moreover, geoinformatics enables faster and more efficient project execution, saving time and resources for businesses. This provides a competitive advantage in the market and increases customer satisfaction.

Overall, geoinformatics and 3D surveys are critically important in the construction industry, offering numerous market advantages for businesses using these tools, including greater accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

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