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Loricatus drone delivery box

A drone-mounted transport device with 7,800 cm3 capacity, which is suitable for delivering the stored material, in accordance with the capabilities of the transport drone. Our product is currently compatible with the DJI MATRICE 300 drone, because the control can be handed over in the air, by the sending party to the receiving party. The box can be used in all countries where the transport drone’s operation is assured and is not prohibited by local law.

Product parameters
weight: box and bracket together 600 g
material: carbon fibre
  • transportable payload weight
    (for DJI Matrice300) max 2000 g
  • 4 screw fixing points
  • one-handed grip
  • designed space on the door for the security seal
  • rubber feet at the bottom
Usage information
The box can only be locked closed. Cannot be disinfected in case of special use.
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