monitoring system

Our II. generation product is developed for aerial surveillance. Among others It is suitable for DJI MATRICE 210 and Matrice 300 drones.The image data (HDMI signals) created by the drones can be transmitted live on site with the help of the built-in stream unit developed by us. By converting the recorded data set to LAN format, it can be automatically analyzed based on predefined parameters using artificial intelligence. Examples of such parameters are face or license plate recognition, automatic alarm, or automatic area monitoring. The recorded material can be used in any computer program using the built-in LAN connector. The fast and secure data transfer facilitates the security tasks.

Product parameters
size: 860x560x355 mm
weight: depending on equipment, approx. 50 kg
housing material: plastic, black, IP67
  • high level protection
  • processing images of up to 4 drones
  • system-independent image transmission
  • stream option
  • expandable data storage capacity
  • protected data transfer capability
  • quality compatibility with other IT devices
  • built-in monitor and peripherals
Features of the built-in artificial intelligence
  • DHI-NVR5216-16P-I type
  • 16-channel 1U 16PoE AI network video recorder
  • 16-channel IP video access
  • Smart H.265 + / H.265 / Smart H.264 + / H.264 / MJPEG
  • up to 16-channel protection
  • up to 4-channel video face recognition
  • up to 24 frames per second processing
  • up to 20 face databases with a total of 100,000 faces
  • PoE ports 1-8 support ePoE and EoC
Usage information
Adaptation to GDPR rules varies from country to country.
Ágoston Holman
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