Drone supervision in the
Lion's Court in Buda Castle

Drone supervision of the construction in the Lion's Courtyard of Buda Castle
2020. augusztus
30 days
Hungary, Budapest


The goal was to support the work of the security guards during the work in the Lion Court. In addition, the wearing of vests and helmets and the movement of consignments had to be checked continuously on a livestream on the construction site.


A drone alone can transmit for a maximum of 30-40 minutes at a time, floating in one place, so continuous monitoring cannot be ensured. There was also a need for immediate transmission and automatic analysis of the images taken by the drone.


We have integrated our unique security system into the traditional security system. The drone was connected to a constant power cable to extend its time in the air. The data were broadcast live using our self-developed Loricatus monitoring system and - based on pre-defined parameters - automatically analyzed with built-in artificial intelligence.

Necessary equipments
for the project

Elistair (cable unit that provides a continuous power source for the drone)

DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK drone

Elistair Air module
(battery required for cable)

Artificial Intelligence


self-developed stream unit


The image captured by our drone served as an extra security camera in addition to the existing cameras. He supported the work of security guards by issuing an automatic alarm along predefined parameters such as line crossing, lack of a vest or helmet. The image of the drone was continuously streamed, so the top executives could monitor the work live on their own smart devices.

Our main experiences

We had to get off the drone every few hours during the day to rest the batteries.

Interesting facts

We also received a permit to carry out our work in a monument protection environment, near several buildings guarded by a police unit. Our security system can be operated in accordance with the law anywhere with the appropriate permits.

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