Érsekvadkert cemetery survey

Our aim
Laser scanning survey of Basilica of Esztergom dome for restoration
2019 June
5 days data collection, 20 days post-processing
Hungary, Érsekvadkert
Érsekvadkerti Polgármesteri Hivatal
5+20 days
60+ days


The cemetery's registration system was so out-of-date that it was not suitable to define the rents of graves, based on the data it contained. Therefore Érsekvadkerti Polgármesteri Hivatal needed a survey of the cemetery. The aim was a documentation, in order to compare the actual datas about the the cemetery condition to the available municipal datas, for update the registration system.


A huge amount of incomplete and sensitive database needed to be updated.


We aimed to create an easy-to-see, photo-based on-site overview, which can be used to examine the area even in 3D. Therefore, we took 3D and so-called orthophotos of the entire area of the cemetery with a drone.

Necessary equipments for the project:


6 persons for data recording

4 persons for data processing


With provided a comprehensive condition survey, we represented the current condition of the public cemetery, the general condition and location of the grave and places of worship. We specified on the captured images by drone both the data available from register and the new data identified during the survey on the sample area. Photographs were verified by us, provided with a location and time stamp. We have also created a 3D schematic map of the cemetery, which can support the daily work of the municipal clerks in a user-friendly way. For the new register of the cemetery, the data belonging to each grave were arranged in an excel table, in which - according to pre-defined conditions - we also set statistical indicators.


DJI MAVIC Enterprise can be used well to produce raw aerial images

Interesting facts

A total of 4,146 deceased person lie in the cemetery in 2,270 graves. Of the graves, with 1,029 had no problem, with 22 graves the rent agreement was soon expired, with 756 had already expired, and no data were available for 471 graves.

Ágoston Holman

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