Laser scanning survey of the
dome of the Basilica in Esztergom

Our aim
Laser scanning survey of Basilica of Esztergom dome for restoration
2020 August
10 days (2 days measuring, 8 days post-processing)
Hungary, Esztergom
Esztergom-Budapesti Főegyházmegye
2 days
industrial alpinist
5-7 days


During the renovation of Basilica of Esztergom, before scaffolding building, for the work of the restorers the damage detection of tambur and dome was needed. An accurate 3D damage map is the most suitable for this, which can be created from a laser based point cloud.


The lowest point of the tambur, where the laser scanner could be placed for the measurements, is on the height of 36 meters, compared to the ground floor.


Using a drone, a strong rope was transferred to the opposite side of the tambour of dome, and then with this, two wire ropes were bring back, so we built rail made from wire through the dome. We moved the scanner on the rail made from wire with the help of wrought iron product manufactured by us, so we were able to scan the dome from several positions.

Necessary equipments for the project

laser scanner


rope several meters long

rail made from wire

self-developed wrought iron product

6 person technician


The created point cloud is also a detailed 3D database about the current state of the dome, which measurable with millimeter accuracy. In this way, restorers can calculate exactly, how much plaster is missing, how much paint they will need during the work, and so on.


  • We have successfully solved the seemingly unsolvable task with an innovative, self-developed method that has not been used before us on the sample area;
  • DJI MAVIC Enterprise transferred the strong rope without any problems;
  • We could only work accurately with the scanner if we waited for the vibration of the track to subside. Both dynamic and static measurements were well suited for the purpose;
  • We recorded more than 1.5 billion points with our laser scanner;
  • The laser scanning technology was completely able to reflect the regular geometry of the entire dome;
  • The colorized 3D point cloud was created with accuracy 3 millimeter;
  • 360-degree HDR images (High Dynamic Range) can export in 4K format and viewed in a compatible image viewer.
Ágoston Holman

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