Complete documentation of the shores of Lake Balaton

Our task was to photograph the shores of Lake Balaton. We recorded two conditions - one during the vegetation period for proper transparency and one during the deciduous period.Details...


Damage assessment of the outer wall of the Esztergom Basilica

We had to photograph the outer masonry of the Esztergom Basilica with pictures set perpendicular to each surface.


Damage assessment of the cupola of Esztergom basilica

During the renovation of the Esztergom Basilica, the work of the restorers required an assessment of the damage of the tambour and cupola unit before the scaffolding was built. This requires accurate 3D spatial data collection using a laser scanner, which serves as a basis for an accurate damage map.


Drone supervision in the Lion's Court in Buda Castle

The goal was to support the work of the security guards during the work in the Lion’s Court. In addition, the wearing of vests and helmets and the movement of consignments had to be checked continuously on our live stream site.


Survey of the Public Cemetery in Érsekvadkert

The registration system of the public cemetery of Érsekvadkert was so outdated that it was not suitable for imposing rent on the graves on the basis of the data contained therein. The Mayor's Office of Érsekvadkert therefore needed a survey of the cemetery. The aim was to prepare a documentation based on which the actual condition of the cemetery could be compared with the available municipal data so that the registration system could be updated.

Ágoston Holman

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