Area surveying

Our technology covered both the aerial and terrestrial data collection, therefore to create such products, which are suitable for the analysis of the given sample area and the land use with the query of the current and key parameters and visual interpretation of this.

The results of the surveyed area can be handed over to the customer in several forms as a finished product: digital terrain model (DTM), digital surface model (DSM), raw aerial images, orthophoto, 3D colorized point cloud, intensity and thermal images, contour map, etc.

  • forest monitoring and tree cadastre
  • surveying nature reserves and hard-to-reach places
  • mining areas examination
  • mapping for agriculture
  • surface water quality and condition analysis
  • road network, pavement survey and quality control
  • 3D laser scanning of tunnels
  • mapping of streets and urban environment in terms of regional development

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Case study: Complete documentation of the shores of Lake Balaton

Our task was to photograph the shores of Lake Balaton. We recorded two conditions - one during the vegetation period for proper transparency and one during the deciduous period.Details...

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