Laser scanning

Spatial data collection with laser scanner, quickly, efficiently and accurately, both indoors and outdoors.

The technology is based on the pulse and reflection of laser beam, by determine the return time, it measures the distance between the sensor and the scanned object. As a result of the survey, 3D colored point cloud is created from the scanned object, containing millions of points. The point cloud fusioned with HDR panoramic images can be analysed millimeter accuracy as a realistic model.
We provide a high accuracy database, typically for engineering, architecture, GIS, reconstruction purposes and as a basis for damage assessment maps. in addition, our work contribute supporting the work of many other industries, where spatial geometric information need to be extracted, such as length, height, surface or volume calculations.

Beside the 3D point cloud, orthophotos, 3D mesh models, sections, intensity images or even 360° rotatable 4K panoramic images are on request.

Check out our latest laser scanning work!

Laser scanning survey of Basilica of Esztergom dome

During the renovation of the Esztergom Basilica, the work of the restorers required an assessment of the damage of the tambour and cupola unit before the scaffolding was built. This requires accurate 3D spatial data collection using a laser scanner, which serves as a basis for an accurate damage map.Details...


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