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Agriculture, nature conservation

We can effectively support agriculture and conservation in several ways, i.e. with analysis of data can be supported improving the crop quality and increasing the crop yield, in long term the time required for agricultural work can be decreased - thus also the costs. Drones can also be used for insect and pest control, or even wildlife damage can be assessed more easily. Our tracking system by drone can also help to prevent the crop theft.

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Energy industry

In many cases, aerial support is required for the installation and maintenance of various energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. With drone technology several traditional method and proceedings are substitutable such as employment of industrial alpinist or monitoring with helicopters. With our solution these workflows will be more flexibly and cost-effectively.

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Geodetic survey

With our aerial and terrestrial data collection procedures many surveying, geodetic, cadastral and topographic tasks in a time-saving and cost-effective way are realizable. A wide variety of products can be requested depending on the intent of the customers: digital terrain model and digital surface model, in which the terrain conditions, terrain characteristics (slope, aspect, location of buildings, land boundaries, etc.) can be examined according to specific values. By the products, the query of attributes (location, extent, height, volume, surface, etc.) of above-ground terrain features, the geodetic survey of land and plots and the examination of areas below the ground (i.e. mines) is realizable.

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Live streaming online

With the help of our drone-based observation unit, we are able to streaming real-time, day and night video in SD or HD quality. In this way we can support the online streaming of outdoor events.

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