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When do you need Scan, BIM, Drone, Ai? When do you need Loricatus?

BIM and Intelligent 3D Data Services

Our geospatial, BIM and point cloud services

3D Digital Survey of Buildings, Sculptures, and Monuments

"When a measuring tape isn't enough"

We create accurate 3D models for requested uses (BIM, CNC, 3D printing).

Light and shadow analysis for solar and decorative lighting using drones

"No shadows left unchecked"

We show in 3D how light will cast shadows on solar panels or facades and identify incorrect solar panel connections.

On-site condition recording

"Your Honor..."  

At the start of construction, we survey the environment with notarial certification for the benefit of the investor and neighbors.

Comparing construction with BIM plans

"No hidden errors allowed"

We scan construction work weekly and compare it with the approved BIM or 3D plans, generating an error list for the technical inspector.

Surveying underground cellar systems with a scanner

"We're not afraid of the dark"

Our scanners capture spatial data of underground passages, creating 3D images or models of the cellar systems.

Interior surveying

"Don't struggle with the measurements"

We create 3D models for designing kitchens and interior spaces to facilitate easy planning for designers.

Supporting technical inspectors

"Don't pay for what isn't finished or perfect!"

We document the progress of construction based on recorded data to support completion certification.

Design data service using scanning and GIS methods

"No more blind planning"

We provide utility, geodetic, and geospatial surveys for designers, including content-rich information.

Collision and deviation examination during construction

"A favorite of technical inspectors"

During the design phase, we check for collisions in specialized BIM plans; during the construction phase, we use AI to examine deviations from the plans and identify errors.

All our services guarantee stress-free cooperation.

Instead of prolonged disputes, objective visual representation lays the foundation for flawless decision-making. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its subfields offer countless possibilities to ensure that technical data is as efficient, safe, and accurate as possible.

Countries where engineers rely on us


Who benefits from our service and why?

We present a "use case" list describing our successful 3D projects.

We have completed the 3D digitisation and GIS analysis of more than 4,460,000 square metres, from the Duomo in Milan to the Budapest-Belgrade railway line and the Buda Castle.

We asked our customers about the impact of our back office support on their ability to generate profits.

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