AI, BIM, and Drone-Based Services are Exploding!

The industry has grown into a $50 billion market worldwide, showing no signs of slowing down.

Loricatus Franchise Opportunity

Loricatus Group - Lásd át a Világot!
Loricatus Group - Lásd át a Világot!

Join the LORICATUS franchise if it aligns with your business goals. It is Europe's most successful Drone, AI, and BIM-based service franchise network.

Loricatus Group Ltd. is the most successful international franchise network specializing in BIM, AI, and Drone industrial consulting and services. Loricatus makes business ownership and development simple.

We speak to you if you are looking for an investment and want to manage an entire region or are interested in opening a professional company in your area.

Loricatus Group is currently seeking businesspeople and savvy investors who wish to operate a high-profit, high-return business or expand their existing business model!

Our Services are the Foundation of Our Clients' Success
Our Services are the Foundation of Our Clients' Success



Trends in Hungary and the new construction law indicate that in the coming years, an annual growth of 10-14% is expected in the BIM, AI, and Drone service industries.

Recent years have shown a significant cultural shift in the domestic construction and data visualization practices. While in 2010, 60% of the BIM, AI, and Drone industry in Hungary was handled in-house by companies, today this ratio has reversed. Now, 60% of designers and technical inspectors prefer to outsource these services to stable suppliers.


LORICATUS is Present in 2 Countries Today

Even with just two countries, LORICATUS is already the market-leading BIM, AI, and Drone industrial service chain.

The Loricatus Brand is a registered European Union trademark.

With over 5 years of continuous expansion and a growing customer base, LORICATUS is a trusted service provider.

Operating a LORICATUS Service in Hungary Today is Not Only an Immediate and Excellent Earning Opportunity but Also a Highly Profitable Long-Term Investment.

Our fundamental goal, in partnership with our clients, is to provide the highest quality, most diverse, and most efficient BIM, AI, and Drone industrial services at unbeatable prices. Every day, we innovate with the latest available technology to benefit our partners..

Loricatus Process: Supporting Every Step You Take!
Loricatus Process: Supporting Every Step You Take!
Loricatus Brand Values
Loricatus Brand Values


We recommend the LORICATUS franchise opportunity to you if:

  • You are looking for a professionally recognized and reliable brand within the European Union

  • You have good relationships with architects, technical inspectors, and contractors, or if you are one yourself

  • You want to generate profit using the latest technology and expand your innovation know-how daily

  • You understand the value of 3D design or wish to expand your knowledge in this area

  • You desire the advantages of an existing, carefully developed brand image

  • You seek the benefits of a well-established legal and regulatory framework and want to avoid making mistakes

  • You want to benefit from a proven sales methodology to provide the greatest value to your clients

  • You agree with our brand values

Build a Profitable Business in the 3D Technical World!

3D models offer numerous opportunities to create value in the technical field – turn this into your advantage!

If you become a Loricatus Franchise Partner:

  • License the Loricatus Know-How
  • Learn how to handle field equipment and use our continuously updated toolset during projects
  • Receive back-end support for software and analytical tasks from the market-leading Loricatus Laboratory
  • Ensure your clients receive top-notch quality
  • Benefit from our extensive and reputable references
  • The Loricatus Geospatial-Technical Laboratory stands by you for professional challenges
  • Utilize all proven elements and methods of our brand image
  • Secure business with the highest safety using our well-established sales methods

What You Won't Have to Do:

  • No Need to Build a Business from Scratch: Avoid the stress and risks associated with starting a business from zero
  • No Need for Costly Equipment: Save on the 30-50 thousand EUR investment for equipment that needs annual updates
  • No Need to Learn Software Independently: Skip the steep learning curve of mastering complex software.
  • No Need to Worry About Lack of Professional References: Operate with confidence, knowing you have strong references backing you.
  • No Need to Fear Competitors: Stay ahead without the worry of being outpaced by the competition.

With Us, You Can Achieve This!


We warmly welcome your questions!

If you are impressed by our brand, philosophy, and the franchise opportunity we offer, please reach out to us through the email address below, and our team will get in touch with you.

Thank you very much for your interest!

Loricatus Franchise
Loricatus Franchise

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